Passionate about classic cars, driven by financial results.


AssetClassic was established by a group of experienced professionals with a deep enthusiasm for classic cars and a vision for the sector’s evolution – passionate about classic cars, driven by financial results.

We leverage a deep understanding of classic cars, considerable technical knowledge and a broad network in the sector to generate the right mix of financial and experiential returns.


Our Partners have an extensive global network in the collectable car markets, a track record of investing, and long-term experience within the financial and advisory sectors.

Linkedin Camillo Mekacher-Vogel

Camillo Mekacher-Vogel

Founding Partner and Managing Director

AssetClassic’s founder, literally raised in a classic car collection, went on to collect experience in consulting at BCG, in automotive at Porsche, and in private equity

Linkedin Goran Nesic

Goran Nesic

Founding Partner and Managing Director

Ex Partner at BCG and VP at DWTC, ventured from PE in oil and gas to start a long journey into advisory, enjoying fast cars along the way

Linkedin Ignazio Castiglioni

Ignazio Castiglioni

Founding Partner

CEO of HAT PE, one of Italy’s best performing funds with over € 600 M of AUM, he shares a passion for collector cars

Linkedin Alessandro Viglione

Alessandro Viglione

Founding Partner

Partner at Lauri Viglione, highly recognized financial lawyer, he has spent a significant portion of his life in Ferraris of all ages

Linkedin Sven Rossmann

Sven Rossmann

Founding Partner

Chief Investment Officer at ABACON CAPITAL, matured a wealth of experiences over years from family offices, strategy consulting and premium automotive at Porsche


Collectible cars present one of the largest untapped investment opportunities. The rising demand for collectible cars has pushed the market to a very relevant size.

Fund infograph

AssetClassic Fund is the key to the AssetClassic ecosystem. It provides the financial power to access unrivaled investment opportunities in vehicles and related businesses via a European-based regulated and professionally-managed structure.

As we close our second investment round, following the success of the first, we continue availing the opportunity to like-minded professional investors interested in leaving an imprint on the collectible car space and pursuing opportunities in our >€1.5bn investment pipeline.


The first global platform where shapers come together to chart the course for the development of the classic car industry - the 2024 Launch edition organized by AssetClassic with the guidance of McKinsey as our Knowledge Partner and under the patronage of Motor Valley.

The Classics Forum brings together key decision-makers from around the globe to share opinions, collaborate, and chart a way forward for the development of the classic car industry. Participants included global CEOs, Head of Classics & Strategy, investors, major car Collectors, dealers & auction houses, opinion leaders, event organizers and conveners.

The 2024 conference was centered on the main theme of “Creating and defending value in the classic car industry”, touching upon main industry challenges, outlook and featured 4 “topical deep-dives”:

  1. Data, digital and AI - accelerators for traceability and new frontiers in the classic car industry
  2. Craftsmanship and skills development in the “next century” Classics
  3. Improving and promoting sustainability in Classic cars
  4. Experiential offerings as “true differentiator”

Please visit The Classics Forum website to learn more about the Forum and the insights from the 2024 conference.


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