The 3500 GT was the first Maserati road car to be produced on a large scale. Its sinuous and elegant aluminium bodywork was shaped in Milan by the artists of Carrozzeria Touring, who gave birth to a masterpiece of rare beauty, adopting their patented Superleggera construction technique. 

The exhaust note of the "inline-6" engineered by Alfieri emerges charming and deep at the same time, expressing all of the vigour furnished by this engine, which, due to the replacement of the triple Weber carburetor with the Lucas indirect injection system in 1961, delivers 235 HP. 

3500 GT

Year 1962
Chassis n. 101.2016
Paint color Azzurro Metallizzato
Interiors Rosso Connolly Leather
Engine directly derived from the 350S
1 of 441 GTI produced
Accompanied by Maserati Classiche Certification

This particular car was originally registered in Florence (Italy) in april 1962 to Mr. Ugolino Ugolini, a known tuscan entrepreneur and chairman of the famous AC Fiorentina football club.

A full restoration has been conducted, following to the letter Maserati Classiche guidelines and considering even the smallest details: from the caring repainting, with a fresh coat of the rare original Azzurro Metallizzato, to the meticolous selection of the finest quality Rosso Connolly leather to be fitted in the exclusive interior. 

Every mechanical aspect underwent a thorough examination: a cospicuous number of components were replaced with original spare parts or serviced, guaranteeing high reliability, perfect efficiency and the evocative driving experience that only true pristine original condition can allow. On this philosophy, the car is currently running on carburetors to maximize the ease of use, but the complete original injection system will be available upon the request of the future owner. 

Each step of this fine process has been executed by renowned specialists and craftsmen, highly experienced and driven by passion, with the ultimate aim of achieving a state-of-the-art result for an automobile which can be considered one of most iconic and complete Grand Tourer ever produced. 

A detalied documentation of the entire invoiced restoration process will be furnished to accompany this piece of art. 

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