Drive through history.

Take a ride into the past with AssetClassic, the premier classic car investment club.

We are quite simply a group of automobile enthusiasts with a passion for the classic car world and wanting to bring it into our modern times. Our value is that we don’t just invest for the returns, but we do it with a profound understanding of classic cars. Our considerable technical knowledge is compounded by our connections and network surrounding these beautiful works of art.

Our passion and knowledge of classic cars is what drives us, but through the combination of various expertise of our own network, we value the vehicles for exactly what they are worth in these modern times. Our goal is to inherently preserve the legacy of these cars and usher them into our times to showcase their true worth.

We pride ourselves in having the best and even original craftsmen working and advising us on our vehicles, so that we know that only the highest quality is guaranteed.

History is not part of the past, but it is a learning for our future.


AssetClassic wants to take you on a journey - a journey through time, speed and the history of the craftsmen who developed vehicles with exceptional prowess and foresight.

The paradox of classic cars is the visual design and its utility: not only are they a true statement of design beauty, but they are a mechanical marvel. So is your preference aesthetic, or the visceral need for speed? Both are satisfied here.

As much as we take automotive vehicles for granted as a mode of transportation, we want to show you the detailed and meticulous work which went into every single one of these classic cars. The sheer fact that they not only withstand the test of time, but also still race around the corners, is a true testament to the work put into each and everyone of them.

A world only appreciated by few, until now. Let us introduce you to the manufacturers, the process, the renovations and upkeep of each car under our supervision, but also in a wider world. Understanding how the engine can produce that roaring sound, the specific colour of the chassis only created for certain models or the sheer innovation of the V12 used for the very first time will undoubtedly enhance your appreciation of classic cars.

Roads are the museum of these works, and how fun is it that we are still able to play with these masterpieces.

Let us tell you the stories of the creation, of the engineering, and of the men behind these classic cars.


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