Drive through history.

Take a ride into the past with AssetClassic, the premier classic car investment club.


AssetClassic was established by a group of experienced professionals with a deep enthusiasm for classic cars and a vision for the sector’s evolution – passionate about classic cars, driven by financial results.

We leverage a deep understanding of classic cars, considerable technical knowledge and a broad network in the sector to generate the right mix of financial and experiential returns.

Managing Partners

Our General Partners have an extensive global network in the collectable car markets, a track record of investing, and long-term experience within the financial and advisory sectors.

Linkedin Camillo Mekacher-Vogel

Camillo Mekacher-Vogel

Founding Partner and Managing Director

AssetClassic’s founder, literally raised in a classic car collection, went on to collect experience in consulting at BCG, in automotive at Porsche, and in private equity.

Linkedin Goran Nesic

Goran Nesic

General Partner and Managing Director

Ex-VP at DWTC and Partner at BCG, ventured from PE in oil and gas to start a long journey into advisory, enjoying fast cars along the way

Linkedin Ignazio Castiglioni

Ignazio Castiglioni

General Partner

CEO of HAT PE, one of Italy’s best performing funds with over € 400 M of AUM, he shares a passion for collector cars.

Linkedin Alessandro Zanotti

Alessandro Zanotti

General Partner

MD of Accenture Song, he has over 20 years of advisory and digital experience - many of them spent driving an old-timer.

Linkedin Alessandro Viglione

Alessandro Viglione

General Partner

Partner at Lauri Viglione, highly recognized financial lawyer, he has spent a significant portion of his life in Ferraris of all ages.

Operating Team

AssetClassic GPs are backed by a strong dedicated Operating Team and credible Advisors.

Linkedin Alessandro Leonardi

Alessandro Leonardi

Head of Operations

Manages the assets over the course of their lifetime in AssetClassic, innovating the classic car world along the way. A former karting champion, born and raised in Maranello, he learnt at depth about the finance and automotive world working in private equity (HIG), consulting (Roland Berger) and at Porsche.

Linkedin Paolo Balladore

Paolo Balladore

Head of Sales and Marketing

Develops and executes cutting edge approaches to promote the best collector vehicles on the market, while taking care of AssetClassic brand's positioning and awareness. He learnt about the premium automotive world inside-out during his tenure at the Supercar Owners Circle, building upon his previous experience in the academic field (Politecnico di Milano).

Linkedin Jacopo Rinaldi

Jacopo Rinaldi

Creative Director

Oversees the media content of AssetClassic, ensuring our cars are portrayed as the works of art they are. Driven by two passions in life, cars and visual storytelling, he has made a career out of combining them, and becoming an ambassador of automotive culture by pushing his boundaries day by day in terms of content creation.

Linkedin Edoardo Cuppini

Edoardo Cuppini

Business Analyst

Supports business both on the financial and on the operational side, bringing a young perspective to a world of tradition - such as that of his family, owners of one of the most fascinating classic car museums in Italy.


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